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2018 Treatment Report

The Coon Lake Improvement District (CLID) Board contracted with Professional Lake and Land Management Corp. (PLM) to treat the lake for Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) and for Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM). To save time, effort and dollars, the contract was initiated through the Minnesota State Materials Management Division. The agreement is referred to as MN Cooperative Purchasing Agreement. This agreement assists government bodies and other organizations to acquire supplies, commodities, equipment or services through a competitive bidding process or requests for proposals. 

After being concerned with the possibility of the 2014-15 winter being one with a lighter snow cover and not being able to adequately delineate for CLP, the CLID Board sought bids for the CLP delineation by others. This is because the entire process is usually done urgently due to a time/temperature sensitive situation for the treatment window. AIS Consulting Services was awarded the project due to the lowest bid of $525 in 2015 and the CLID continues to use AIS Services in 2018. The CLP treatment of 19.5 acres in several sites occurred on May 30th at a cost of $2,346.62.  Our Spotter Team was out on the lake shortly after for the EWM delineation and found it in several locations that resulted a request to treat 13.1 acres. That treatment occurred on July 18 as we prefer these treatments take place as early, however, Late Ice out and the delineation needs to take place when the plants are mature enough to find and to treat the maximum quantity. The cost of the EWM treatment was $1,572.84. The CLID Board is representatives for the entire CLID.  We would like to have better involvement or concern from our local units of government with regards to our request for financial assistance as stated that we are financing public good with private funds.

We thank Anoka County for the opportunity to apply and receive a grant for AIS treatment in the amount of $2,732.13. The City of East Bethel has for a number of years, supplied two weed disposal containers allowing lake residents a nearby site to dispose of lake weeds, an action that has a benefit to water quality.  Again, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the City of East Bethel for the summer use of the dumpsters provided for lake weed disposal. Lake residents please remember to use these when you remove your weeds from the lake. They are located at the two East Bethel Fire Stations near Coon Lake, one at the intersection of CR 22 and CR 15 and the other across the street from Smokey’s Bar and Grill on Forest Rd in Coon Lake Beach.

The stated goal of the CLID is to reduce invasive species infestation to less than 5% of the lakes area. Please visit http://www.clidmn.org for more information, semi- annual Treasurer reports and monthly meeting minutes or to send an email requesting further information.

In addition, we would like to thank the individuals that have spent a considerable amount of their time to delineate (inspect and document) the entire lake for EWM and a special effort by Jeff Welciek to monitor for zebra mussels. As I am, if you have the opportunity, please be sure to acknowledge the efforts of Jim Gunderson, Keith and Arlan Mercil, Lowell Efterfield, Rich Krueger, Mark Rime, John Kucheska and Leon Mager.  If you are able to help out, please call Leon at        763 242 0652 and let him know of your interest in helping.

Thank you to those of you attending the CLID Annual Meeting where the 2019 Budget of $130,400 and 2019 fee of $100 per assessable property were approved. Bob Czeck was elected for a three-year term as CLID Board Directors. In the business meeting that followed the Annual Meeting it was decided for the following 12 months the slate of directors will be: Mike Bury will serve as Secretary, Bob Czeck will serve as Treasurer, Arlan Mercil will serve as first vice Chair, Ken Johnson will serve as second vice Chair and Al Beck as Chair. Thank you all for your service to Coon Lake.

Look for the CLID annual letter early in April informing property owners of the Annual Meeting and how to opt out of herbicide treatments if necessary. Ongoing efforts by CLIA, CLID, the DNR and private professional lake service organizations such as PLM, Lake Restoration and other interested parties will continue to protect the quality of Coon Lake and protect the best interest of the users and property owners of Coon Lake.

Al Beck, CLID Chairman                                                                                                                                                                        

(This information is being submitted to the MN DNR, MN PCA, Anoka County, Cities of Columbus, East Bethel and Ham Lake to comply with MN Statute 103B.571 Subd. 4 as part of the required Annual Report) 





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VISION: To maintain, improve, and protect the water quality for present and future generations of users of Coon Lake and to promote healthy, safe and environmentally conscious activities within Coon Lake.

The Coon Lake Improvement Association (CLIA) welcomes you to Coon LakeCoon Lake is located in northern Anoka County and is considered one of the premier metro area lakes for recreational water activities.  CLIA has a long history of working with Coon Lake residents, government bodies and users of the lake to maintain, improve, and protect the recreational use on Coon Lake.  CLIA membership is made up of Coon Lake residents, Coon Lake area businesses and non-resident users of Coon Lake.  

In 2008, the Coon Lake Improvement District (CLID) was established to collect tax revenue to assist in further restoration and protection of Coon Lake.  The formation of this second lake organization was triggered by the identification of an infestation of an invasive species (Eurasian Water Milfoil, EWM) in the fall of 2003.  Although this government body is separate from CLIA, the boards and members work very closely together on common issues affecting Coon Lake and the surrounding area.  For more information on CLID, link to the CLID website here.

Coon Lake has a county supported public swimming beach located within the Anoka County Coon Lake Park in Columbus (Lexington Ave. N) that includes a concrete boat launch and ample parking. A second concrete boat launch, supported by the Minnesota DNR, is located on Theilen Blvd just east of Highway 65.

Photos from the area around the lake can be found here.

For more details on Coon Lake, link to the Minnesota DNR Lakefinder.

A lake vegetation survey was conducted August 2009.  Find the report here. 

The information on this web site and related links is intended to increase your knowledge of Coon Lake, enhance your enjoyment of the lake’s recreational activities and give you an opportunity to become a part of Coon Lake’s future.  If you have questions or desire additional information, contact us at coonlakeimprovementassociation@yahoo.com or attend one of our meetings as listed on our calendar.


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