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The Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center brings together a wide variety of researchers, managers, and stakeholders to identify research priorities, conduct research, and implement solutions. Learn more about our team, our partners, and our plans for the future here.
Supporting MAISRC
We know that you value Minnesota's lakes, rivers, and wetlands, and that you believe in our efforts to find science-based solutions to aquatic invasive species issues. Now's the time to speak up and share those thoughts: ask your legislators to support continued funding for MAISRC.
MAISRC has multiple funding opportunities in the mix this legislative session - both research funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund and long-term stable funding to share AIS solutions through our outreach and implementation efforts. MAISRC is driven to find real-world solutions to the AIS issues facing our state and to create tools and resources to improve AIS management. Without continued funding, MAISRC will be unable to support new research projects this year or to sustain operations beyond 2023.
How can you help?
Show your support for MAISRC's innovative research and outreach programs by contacting your legislators today. Find out who represents you, along with their contact information. 

MN Senate Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee

MN House Environment and Natural Resources Finance and Policy Committee

Learn more and view our previous webinars
The AIS Detectors program at the University of Minnesota is jointly supported by the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center and University of Minnesota Extension. We create volunteer, citizen science, and educational opportunities focusing on aquatic invasive species issues. Our webinar series launched in May 2019 and features webinars on a variety of aquatic invasive species topics. The webinars are always free to attend and closed captioned recordings can be found out our YouTube channel. You can subscribe to our channel here.