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To All CLIA Members:
In this uncertain time, the CLIA board is trying to move on as much as normally as we can. As we approach the Spring Membership meeting in May (obviously this meeting is suspect at this time), we are required by the By-Laws to hold elections for various board and committee positions. In even years (thus 2020), we need to elect the following to two year terms:
Board Member Positions and Candidates:
Vice President
Joe Janda, incumbent, is serving out the term of our previous elected Vice President who was elected in 2018). Joe was appointed to complete the term by the Board. He is willing to run for the office.
Is anyone else interested in running for Vice President?
Denise Berry is completing her third term as secretary (By-Laws limit serving to two terms, but membership approved her exceeding that when no other candidate stepped forward). 
We need to have members run for this position as Denise cannot continue as Secretary.
As one of three Member-at-Large positions, this one is currently held by Debra Melander, who was appointed to fill out the term of Don Fineran, who was elected to be President in the Spring of 2019. Debra is willing to run for this position this spring.
Is anyone else interested in running for Member-at-Large?
Committee Chairpersons
These are non-voting positions that oversee specific association activities. Individual can serve unlimited time with approval of the Board. Not elected by membership.
Committee Positions Needing to be filled:
Meat Raffle Chairperson – oversees teams of volunteers who run weekly meat raffles at Smokey’s Pub & Grill. The Meat Raffles are the major source of revenue for the association. 
Membership Chairperson – oversees the membership registration process and soliciting business sponsors. Maintains and tracks memberships, renewals, leads meeting attendee registration and event attendance volume.
Apparel Chairperson – in charge of sales of CLIA apparel. Looking to move to an online sales site which items would be available for purchase via website versus maintain a item inventory .
For CLIA to remain a viable association which conducts its mission established by the By-Laws, individuals need to step up and help fill these openings. Please consider stepping up and placing your name into consideration for one of the above listed jobs. If these positions are not filled, it threatens the ability of the association to continue.
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more or submitting your name for consideration for any of the listed positions, contact either Don Fineran, President at djfineran@midco.net, Joe Janda, Vice President at jsjanda@aol.com or coonlakeimprovementassociation@yahoo.com to learn more about any of the volunteer roles listed and how you might be able to participate as a CLIA volunteer.