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Why be a Part of the CLIA Community?



It’s a great way to meet your neighbors on the lake:

  • Share a meal with CLIA members at our spring and fall membership meetings.
  • Get to know more lake lovers at our summer picnic, Independence Day boat parade, Friends of Coon Lake ice fishing contest, and other events.
  • Volunteer to serve on social and lake improvement committees. It’s fun!

To stay up-to-date on Coon Lake related news:

  • CLIA’s website serves as a repository for information about our Association and Coon Lake.
  • Like us on Facebook and stay current on what’s happening on the Lake.
  • Lake steward educational information - our biannual “Coon Lake Living” newsletter and periodic e-blasts with useful information to support water quality.

CLIA supports lake and area projects:

  • Sponsored the publication of “The Chronicles of Coon Lake.” This book high lights the many wonderful aspects and unique history of Coon Lake.
  • Helped fund the Veterans’ Memorial at Coon Lake County Park.
  • Installed Aqua Weed Stick at public landings and sponsored additional inspectors at the public boat landings.
  • Partnered with Polaris Inc. in obtaining a snow groomer to create winter cross country ski and walking trails.

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