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Now Available - A New Book Chronicling the History of Coon Lake!

We're nearly sold out of the current book printing!

We are taking pre-orders for the next book printing. Books should be available late November or early December.  Order here.

A small supply of books is available at Smokey's Pub N' Grill. 

Coon Lake area residents will be the first to have the opportunity to purchase a new book: "Chronicles of Coon Lake”. The book was written under the auspices of the Coon Lake Improvement Association and initially spearheaded by the late Ken Johnson. His vision was to record in one book the interesting lake stories passed from one generation or neighbor to another before they were forgotten or gone.

This 90 page, 9” x 12” coffee table book, records not only the stories, but many of the photos that accompany them. Interviews were conducted with relatives of those who made major impact on the lake and its residents. If you’ve lived on the lake for a long time, you may have heard some of the stories but perhaps not all of any one story. If you’re new to the lake, this book provides a wealth of information on the lake, the people and its events. Not forgetting how beautiful our seasonal changes are, two of our lake poets add their poetry to the center of the book. Read on.

Order Your Engraved Paver for the Coon Lake Veterans' Memorial 

The Veterans' memorial at Coon Lake County Park offers the opportunity for the public to purchase a paver ($95) in honor/memory of a veteran and recognize their service to the Country. Each paver is 4"x 8" and laser engraved. Upon completing the request form, Anoka County Parks will contact you to verify the information and collect payment for the order. Payment must be processed at the time of order confirmation. For additional questions, contact the Parks Office at 763-324-3300.

If someone knows of a veteran who may not be able to pay for a stone, CLIA has two pre-paid stones to provide for such individuals. If you would like to nominate a veteran for one of these stones, contact Don Fineran, CLIA President, 763-434-4460.

CLIA Saturday Meat Raffles Are Back On!

The seating inside of Smokey's Pub 'N Grill has been reduced by half to comply with the Social Distancing recommendations. There will only be 6 rounds of meat raffles per Saturday (at this time).

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