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CLIA Needs Members to Serve in Board and Committee Positions
In this uncertain time, the CLIA board is trying to move on as much as normally as we can. As we approach the Spring Membership meeting in May (obviously this meeting is suspect at this time), we are required by the By-Laws to hold elections for various board and committee positions.
For CLIA to remain a viable association which conducts its mission established by the By-Laws, individuals need to step up and help fill these openings. Please consider stepping up and placing your name into consideration for one of the listed positions. If these positions are not filled, it threatens the ability of the association to continue. Read on
CLIA Spring Membership Meeting Postponed Due to COVID-19
Be assured that we take the health and well-being of our community, sponsors and fellow members very seriously. Normally at this time of year we would be sending out an invitation to attend the CLIA Spring Membership Meeting, but as a result of the “Stay at Home” order and all efforts to maintain social distancing we will be postponing the CLIA Spring Member Meeting until further notice (potentially in place of the Fall Meeting in October). Read the COVID-19 update article
Board member elections traditionally take place at the Spring meeting. During this unique postponement, those board members that are up for reelection have agreed to extend their board participation until we can conduct the nomination and election process by our members. Please consider stepping up and adding your name as a candidate for one of the association volunteer roles including: a board position (Vice President, Secretary, Member at Large), or a committee member/chairperson (Meat Raffles, Membership and Apparel are priorities) at coonlakeimprovementassociation@yahoo.com
DNR Asks People to Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines While Boating
Boaters must adhere to the social distancing guidelines on the water. "Prepare as much as you can to limit all interactions," said Lisa Dugan with the Minnesota DNR. She is asking people to stay on the lake closest to their home, don't tie up boats together, and only have immediate family on board. "So that would mean not inviting extra guests into your boat, other family members because that's impossible to social distance if you're on a boat," said Dugan.
A DNR spokesperson says conservation officers will be out reminding people of the social distancing guidelines, but won't be stopping anyone at this time.

CLIA Meat Raffle Cancelled Until Smokey's Re-Opens

Since Smokey's Pub 'N Grill is closed due to COVID-19, the weekly meat raffle has been canceled until they re-open. This could be for eight weeks starting on March 17. We'll let you know when the meat raffle resumes. 

CLIA Contributes to University of Minnesota Aquatic Research

CLIA recently donated $250 to the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Rearch Center (MAISRC). That organization has sent a letter thanking CLIA for its contribution. Read the letter here

Enhanced Wake Watercraft Impacts on Lakes

In mid-March the Legislature recessed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. At that time there were a number of bills MLR was working on:
  • $5 million to MN DNR for AIS enhancements to water access sites and Lake Association AIS grants was included in the Governor's recommendation,
  • An approximate doubling of AIS fines, with the top set at $1,000,
  • A requirement for the MN DNR and interested parties to recommend a watercraft operator's certification with specific training for public safety, enhanced wake watercraft, and AIS self-inspection,
  • Legislation to protect loons, other waterfowl and raptors from lead poisoning due to lead based fishing tackle.
Since mid-March the focus has been on Covid-19 related bills. Now, late in the session, stripped down versions of the bills, with many of the spending items removed ($5 million in AIS funding, etc) are being moved.
The House Bill contains language that requires the MN DNR to convene interested parties to recommend a boater's operating training and certification program. The language asks the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Center to establish Best Management Practices, BMPs for preventing the spread of AIS.
It also asks the fluid dynamics lab at St. Anthony Falls to establish BMPs for preventing damage to lake bottoms and aquatic plants from the operation of watercraft, and the minimum distances boats should operate from shore to prevent damage to sensitive shorelines from wakes. 
To learn more about the issue, view a recording of the MLR Webinar - Enhanced Wake Watercraft Impacts on Lakes - Emerging Issue
Webinars and Educational Programs
Find a list of upcoming webinars and educational programs here.   
And the winners are... Drum Roll Please

We appreciate all the interest we had for the gift card raffle to support some of the CLIA sponsors.

Registrations have been coming in all month, the winners have been drawn and the winners of the May gift card raffle are…

Winner Gift Card prize
Dave Szykulsk Gift Card for Maxx’s Bar & Grill
Carla Hylle Gift Card for Route 65 Pub & Grub
Leon Mager Gift Card for Smokey’s Pub N’ Grill
Margaret Fust-Olson $25 Gift Card for White Pines General Store


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