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About CLIA

Our Vision

To maintain, improve, and protect the water quality for present and future generations of users of Coon Lake and to promote healthy, safe and environmentally conscious activities within Coon Lake.


The Coon Lake Improvement Association (CLIA) welcomes you to Coon Lake. Coon Lake is located in northern Anoka County and is considered one of the premier metro area lakes for recreational water activities.  CLIA has a long history of working with Coon Lake residents, government bodies and users of the lake to maintain, improve, and protect the recreational use on Coon Lake.  CLIA membership is made up of Coon Lake residents, Coon Lake area businesses and non-resident users of Coon Lake.  


In 2008, the Coon Lake Improvement District (CLID) was established to collect tax revenue to assist in further restoration and protection of Coon Lake.  The formation of this second lake organization was triggered by the identification of an infestation of an invasive species (Eurasian Water Milfoil, EWM) in the fall of 2003.  Although this government body is separate from CLIA, the boards and members work very closely together on common issues affecting Coon Lake and the surrounding area.  For more information on CLID, link to the CLID website here.


Coon Lake has a county supported public swimming beach located within the Anoka County Coon Lake Park in Columbus (Lexington Ave. N) that includes a concrete boat launch and ample parking. A second concrete boat launch, supported by the Minnesota DNR, is located on Theilen Blvd just east of Hwy 65.


The information on this web site and related links is intended to increase your knowledge of Coon Lake, enhance your enjoyment of the lake’s recreational activities and give you an opportunity to become a part of Coon Lake’s future.  If you have questions or desire additional information, contact us at or attend one of our meetings!

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