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Lake Stewardship

Lake Stewardship

Resources for protecting our lake for future generations

Anoka Conservation District

ACD’s mission is to holistically conserve and enhance Anoka County’s natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations through partnerships and innovation.
The Anoka Conservation District gave a wonderful presentation at the October CLIA Membership meeting regarding Shoreline Stewardship Season by Season. It provides great information on things we can all do each season to help protect our shoreline!

Coon Lake Improvement District

 The Coon Lake Improvement District was formed  so that it would be within the reach of our community to work closely with other environmental groups,  governmental,  and private organizations for the environmental and ecological  improvement of  Coon Lake.  Its main objective is to create and maintain an Aquatic Environment of good water quality and help the lake retain its natural flora, improve recreation and lake utilization through necessary actions and education which will provide preservation of the lake.

Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center

With a solid foundation of research below our feet and exciting new projects underway, MAISRC is well-positioned to build on past success and inform real-world solutions in the coming years. Thanks to MAISRC’s research, we can find invasive species earlier, we can better respond to new infestations, and we have developed new tools to control established populations.

Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources

BWSR agency programs that assist landowners and local government have resulted in less sediment and nutrients entering our lakes, rivers, and streams; more fish and wildlife habitat; and the drastic slowing of wetland losses.

Minnesota Lakes & Rivers

Working to keep lake places affordable,

Working to protect and improve water quality,

Providing grants to help with shoreline management, aquatic invasive species control and prevention, septic system management, firewise wildfire protection, Sustainable Forest Incentive Act, non-typical insurance for remote properties, and more,

Greater transparency in the taxation and permitting process.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

The MN Pollution Control Agency works for a healthy and prosperous Minnesota. They strive for clean air and water, sustainable lands, a better climate, and a thriving economy.

Minnesota DNR Ecological Resources

Ecological resources provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Providing information on nongame wildlife & rare resources, ecosystem health, and education & assistance.

Minnesota DNR Water Resources

Water resources provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Providing information on Permitting and reporting, groundwater management programs, data and maps.

Sunrise River Watershed Management Organization

The SRWMO is involved in many aspects of water management including planning and regulation, water quality, flooding, shoreland management, recreation, wildlife, and erosion control. The WMO has a state-approved watershed management plan which outlines their policies and plan of work. Cities' and townships' local water management plans must be consistent with the WMO's plan. The SRWMO Board does not have employees. Instead, it works through cooperative efforts of the member cities and townships, or contracts with the Anoka Conservation District or other consultants.

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